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Beautiful handmade fabric flowers for every occasion. Flowers are made from various fabrics such as organza, voile and chiffon. The fabric is then sculptured, and  heat treated to prevent fraying.  The centre is then decorated.  All have a dual fastening, so hair or wear!

Save your time, energy and money!  Ever spent hours looking for the right flower to match that special outfit?  Just send me a picture of the outfit and I will post fabric samples from my wide collection.  That way you will have something exclusive to you!

Ideal as a gift, each flowers comes set on a complimentary colour card in a gift bag.  

For those 'crafty' people why not choose a FLOWER KIT?  Many colour combinations available and instructions are clear and easy to follow.  From creating your own you will have the knowledge and skills to go on and create your own styles. 


STYLE                    PRICE                      FLOWER SIZE  (diameter)                p&p   

ROSES                     £12.00                              8cms                                       £1.50

ROUNDS                  £6.00                                6-7cms                                    £1.50

SATEENS                 £6.50                                6-7cms                                    £1.50

PETALS                   £7.00                                7cms                                        £1.50

MINI TWIRLS           £4.50                                5cms                                        £1.50

Sizes are approximate due to the handmade element of each one.  Allow 3-5 days for delivery as most flowers are made to order.

Flowers shown here are just a small sample.  I am creating new flowers all the time, and with over 50 different colour shades available, and the great range of fabric shops in the West Country,  there will be one to suit you.  Please contact me, then I can send colour samples, or E Mail latest designs, or send individual images of flowers shown here.