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Here you will find  -

Cosy  hand/wrist warmers, will fit most sizes.

Crochet neck warmers.

Crochet bangles £5.00.

Fabric mirrors.  £25.00 unless otherwise stated.  Postage £5.00.

NEW!   Luxury soft crochet throws from £40.00, or these can be made to order.  You choose colours and design.  

NEW!  Art work made from textiles, yarn and materials found in the countryside.  

NEW!  Easy make  pretty neck warmer Crochet  Kits.  Only 2 different stitches needed.
£9.50 plus p&p.  Other colours available, please ask.

This is just a sample of items. Please ask to see the style/colours of your choice and I will send the images to you.

Postage is the minimal 2nd class rate unless otherwise stated.